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More than 400 million units sold in Peru


Opportunity to expand to Perú

  • According to Bloomberg, Perú is among the top three most attractive countries to invest in Latin America in 2015.

  • The investment on health services by the government has increased in 102% in the last ten years. (Source INEI)

  • According to WHO, the expenditure on health services per capita has increased on 40% between 20010 and 2013.

  • The public and private pharmaceutical market has increased their units in 91% in the past 10 years. (Source IMS)

  • The government promotes foreign drugs access by controlling quality and security standards.

  • The offer od new therapeutic alternatives is still low.


From the agreement to commercialization


Deal, the process begins

Start the journey to invest in Latin America through NORDIC, a company with 13 years of experience in Perú, solid, stable and successful.

Paso 1

We are in charge of the process and necessary regulations to get the sanitary registration

We have a well qualified team on the regulatory area aware of the process, procedures, and regulations able to build up solid files in order to get the sanitary records within the established time.

Paso 2

Access to distribution channels in Perú

We are in the main pharmacy chains, as well as in any independent pharmacy in all the country as well as private hospitals and insurance companies. Besides that we have a distribution net support to cover the peruvian institutions requirements.

Paso 3

We have a trained team that promotes demand among doctors and drugstores as well

We have a team of medical and sales representatives that are well trained who are in charge of making clients to keep the brand in mind therefore to generate their demand everything is monitored with the ultimate on-line productivity tools.

Paso 4

We keep the operations on going

We are concerned about achieving the goals through management indicators ensuring the replacement of the products through the sales channels. We manage the credit lines and the attention of the orders in the time established.

Paso 5

We count with Pharmavigilance PhV and Techvigilance

We contribute to improve population´s life style ensuring safety in the use of drugs and devices.

Paso 6

I want to do business with NORDIC

Commercialize your product with NORDIC

Servicio de Nordic

We are major government suppliers

Because we are a team with years of experience and know regulatios and process.

Servicio de Nordic

High productivity

We have online management tools to monitor the sales, coverage, and efficiency of medical visitors teams and sales representatives as well.

Servicio de Nordic

Personal treatment to suppliers

We love our suppliers and belive in solid long term partnership.

Servicio de Nordic

You can grow with us

NORDIC has grown 407% in the last eight years and we are just beginning.

Servicio de Nordic

We are informed of what is happening in the market

Thanks to IMS, CLOSE UP and permanent feed back we know the requirements of the market.

Servicio de Nordic

Our business is to sell, not to produce

That´s why we look for the best to bring it to Perú.

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